broadcasted daily through the lockdown with music and chat from local musicians girl in a gale, Gary James, Merlyn Bruce, Phil Jackson, Jan Pulsford, Hardwired, Julian Marsh, David Freeland and more!
Thousands of listeners from around the world tuned in to the Virus Free Zone.
simulcasts many of our programs, including aMBieNT MuSiC WoRLD 9PM every evening to relax and unwind.
We also held Eclectic Sunday streams live video from on the Second Sunday of each month with a host of electronic artists from East Anglia and beyond including girl in a gale, Tristan Burfield, Nick Nicolson, Carter takes a Train, Hardwired, Anthony Awad and more.
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"When I first moved to Woodbridge in 2011 I became part of Deben Radio and Castle Radio with my ambient music world shows. I also had my own stream ‘Radio Jana’ which I used for streaming live music shows into virtual worlds (also know as the metaverse - yes we've been there since 2006 with the avatar JaNa KYoMooN and other artistic explorers and time travellers)
Marco Spina started the lively Eurobeat Radio and we broadcast ambient music world there for a few years too. We realise the importance of calm reflective music to relax and unwind.
In 2018 we moved to premises on the old USAF Bentwaters base and consolidated the streaming into Mothership Studios playing ambient and eclectic music 24/7 on
with live Electronic Music Open Mics and the building of an eclectic music community. When the lockdown hit we expanded broadcasting daily with music and chat from ‘the virus free zone’ with local musician/broadcasters girl in a gale, Gary James, Merlyn Bruce, Phil Jackson, Jan Pulsford, and more recently David Freeland.
Thousands of listeners from around the world have tuned in and our neighbours simulcast many of our programs. Who knows what 2022 will bring? No matter what we'll continue hailing all frequencies from the Mothership!
Jan Pulsford